The Hocking Valley Sportsman Association has adopted rules and guidelines that help maintain the security, quality, and reputation of the organization. Please be familiar with all of these rules prior to application.






Use of shelter house, Club House and farm facilities are free for membership use, provided it is cleared in a meeting before date of use.  The member sponsoring the function is responsible for damages to the club and its contents as well as the clean-up before and after.


No hunting at main club on Radford except archery for deer. Archery hunting is for members, and thier immediate family.


No glass bottles on premises ever.

Non-members and other organizations( such as your work ) can rent the club house or farm, for a fee of $175.00 with $25.00 refunded if facilities are cleaned properly following the event.  The Radford Road club house is never rented on Friday night.  Shelter House only can be rented for a fee of $75.00 with $25.00 refunded if facilities are cleaned properly.


If you propose a new member, you are responsible to be present and speak on their behalf at the meeting on the first Monday of the month their application is to be read.

NEW members are required to attend at least 4 meetings, and participate in 2 organized club functions/ work parties their first year of membership. If said member joins the club towards the end of the year, the requirements will carry over into the following year apon renewal of membership.


Any member under the age of 21 years old caught consuming or possessing alcoholic beverages on the premises shall be brought before,the board of directors, and could lead to expulsion from the club.




No overnight camping inside the building.


Outside camping for members and their family is available at the rate of $10.00 per night.


Bring  your own firewood.  Outside fires in designated area only.


No non-member camping, without approval from Board.


A two week written notice to the Board of Directors is necessary for reservations and approval during Deer and Turkey Season.


Hunting at farm is strictly for members and their immediate family only.



 Members must sign in/ out in building


Shooting range is for members and their immediate family only.




If you bring something on the range to shoot at, take it with you.  always leave the range cleaner than you found it.


Absolutely no glass on range or premises ever!


Carry your membership card with you to the range.




 Members must sign in/ out in building


There is a fee of $ 3.00 for members, $2.00 youth, and $5.00 non member. for help with 3D target maintenance.

Course is for members & GUESTS whom must be accompanied by member.  The course is only set up spring thru fall.

NO broad heads, or cross bows allowed.


                                The Board of Directors has determined a few common courtesy rules were deemed necessary to insure the maximum enjoyment of club facilities by all members and their families.  These rules are mostly common sense and should not be hard to adhere to.  When in doubt, ask someone.  Failure to comply could result in disciplinary action or even expulsion form the club.




The Board of Directors





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